Agile and customizable workflow

Save time with the simplified working method that automates the process from the import of CAD files to the generation of ISO NC files for your PAC machine. SicarPANEL automatically recognizes all the forms to cut, the necessary units and the code of the pieces.

Optimization of cutting and processing by phases

Implements process detection by phases, assigning different tools and preparing the cut optimizing the movements of your machine and the material to be cut.

Compatible with all machines

The program automatically generates the NC protocol for any milling machine. The integrated modular system allows to configure new machines without limits.

Other features

Manage your warehouse

SicarPANEL integrates a warehouse manager where you can load your current stock, even by project. It also processes the remains of the plates to obtain scraps.

Advanced multiproject interface

Built with the latest tools, the powerful interface allows you to work on more than one project at a time, showing clear information at all times.

Generation of documents

With SicarPANEL you can generate the documentation you want, from cutting plans for the factory to reports and documents for the client. You can generate labels for the pieces automatically.

Integrated NC simulator

SicarPANEL integrates its own machining simulator, so you can test your processes before sending them to the machine.