Main features


Sicar2 is a powerful tool for the complete management of a metallic carpentry, either a small workshop or a large factory. Expandable according to each need

Integrated designer

Sicar2 will allow you to create any design in a practical and simple way, either for straight holes or with inclined or curved sections, directly for the budget.

Delivery notes and invoices

Control of all enclosures delivered. Invoices from delivery note or budget. Billing to origin and manual. Bank remittances and receipts. Export of reports.

Manufacturing lots

Creating lots of work from budgets. Unification of several budgets into a single batch or breakdown of a large budget into several lots.

Production planning

Once the production lots are generated, we can automatically arrange the expected delivery date. Then, you can decide the production order and the calendar will be adjusted automatically.

3D Design

Option that will allow you to make the enclosures in 3D. Galleries in "L" or in "U", as many planes as necessary and with any angle of union between them.

Sicar NET

Our software adapts to the needs of the company, whatever its size. In itself, Sicar2 contains all the features of series. According to the activity to which it is dedicated within the sector, it has Sicar Net, an extension of Sicar 2. This will allow Sicar2 to be hosted on the servers of CIN SL so that computerizing your company does not involve making a large outlay and getting at the same time both the program and the company evolve, and progressively automate each area of


Destined to sellers of finished product. They need a tool that allows them to request a quote from their suppliers, from the different enclosures. In turn, can deliver their own customers budget. This type of user does not manufacture, sell. Therefore, you also need to have the Delivery and Billing Notes section. Offers, Budgets, Delivery Notes and Invoices.


Destined to stores or point of sale dependent on the factory. They neither manufacture nor invoice, they only make offers. Once the offer is accepted, it is sent to the factory as such, so that it can continue from there with manufacturing, delivery and billing. A satellite product and complementary to a conventional workshop. Through the different data import systems available in Sicar 2, the workshop can import the offer directly into your Sicar 2, integrating it into your system in a fully automatic way.


Intended for any workshop. It has all the necessary modules to budget for manufacturing and invoicing, including budget orders and delivery notes.


Version intended for the same type of user. Sicar2 Basic + batch manufacturing modules, production planning, sections, 3D structure design, wall designer.


Includes Sicar 2 Basic + Sicar 2 Plus and the modules for surface optimization and warehouse management.


Sicar 2 Basic + Sicar 2 Plus + Sicar 2 Advance and the connection modules to machines and workshop terminals. This version is intended for factories, where production is the priority. The whole system is linked, from the offer to the workshop machines. This version is fully adapted to the machines available in the company.