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Our solutions


Program for the sector of the enclosure, configurable for any type of system: windows, doors, facades, balconies, etc. Complete management from budgets to billing, through manufacturing and warehouse management. Connection to machines.


The most complete tool for the processing and optimization of composite aluminum parts for pantographs. Automated import from CAD files, optimization of plates (nesting), cutting simulator, option to visualize the production prior to shipment to the pantograph.


Budget solution on-the-go. Creation and calculation of budgets directly on customers' mobile devices. PDF and 3D viewing of budgets. Automatic management of the order to the factory. Compatible with all our calculation solutions.

Workshop terminals

Workshop without papers. Detailed and specific information for each job. Production management and detailed control of production status, with information on dedicated times and automated work parts.

Servers and equipment

Installation and support of servers and / or equipment for your company. Repair of equipment and data recovery. Technical advice.

Backup systems

Automated backups and dedicated backup servers. Hot copy system of complete equipment. Complete restoration before problems in your equipment. Configuration of backup copies appropriate to the company's schedule.

Know our company

Consultoría Informática del Noroeste S.L. (CIN) has a history of more than 30 years advising computerizing companies. CIN currently has a presence in more than 15 countries. We have specialized in the development and implementation of software for the aluminum enclosure sector, PVC and similar. Our clients guarantee us as one of the leading companies in this sector.

To ensure that our clients have at all times a practical and capable tool, It requires experience, technical capacity and, above all, adequate personnel. Our biggest capital is the human, attend and understand the client either at the computer level or at the level of carpentry. Advise the user using their own language, understand what they need and give them a professional solution in the shortest possible time. CIN is attention, service and professionalism.

All the products we offer are developed by CIN. We have the ability to service any needs of our customers.